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Three’s company, two’s a crowd

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It’s culture week in the Pullin household. On consecutive evenings, starting last night, we’re going to see the two halves of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s dramatisation of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. Then it’s cinema Wednesday, the Proms on Thursday, after which it peters out a bit. It resumes next week with Test match on Sunday and Southend United v AFC Wimbledon on Tuesday. Well, OK, those are maybe less cultural, but one can hope.

Anyway, last night’s theatre was a bit odd, not through the play, the acting or the staging, all of which were dramatically good, but through the seating arrangements. The two of us had to sit one in front of the other, because we couldn’t sit next to each other. And we couldn’t do that because the Ticketmaster computer that controls seat bookings at the Aldwych Theatre wouldn’t let us.

When we booked, there were several clumps of three consecutive seats in several different rows across the auditorium. No twos, or fours or fives or larger numbers. Just a lot of threes and a few ones on their own. Maybe we should have realised at that point, but, we thought, it’s no problem, there are plenty to choose from.

Except the computer at Ticketmaster wouldn’t let us have two seats, because that would leave a single seat in a threesome unoccupied. It wouldn’t allow us to buy them as two singles next to each other either. Same problem. You could buy one, leaving two vacant, but not the second, because that would leave a singleton. I phoned Ticketmaster. A charming Lancastrian voice told me that those were the rules and, though they were patently daft, she couldn’t change them.

So we bought two singles at the one place in the auditorium where a threesome from one row intersected with a threesome in the row in front and we sat indian file, one behind the other – and thereby freed up two sets of two seats for a couple of other couples to sit beside us. And it was fine: the play was brilliant and the view was good.

But how very silly.


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August 12, 2014 at 12:01 pm

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